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Read the story of Marie Theresa Thornton, the one-eyed woman dubbed "a fiend in petticoats".

Two well known Carlton businesses - Dracula's Theatre Restaurant and Canals Seafood - are shutting up shop in 2017.

The shop building was auctioned in October 2017 and the door is now open for another business - perhaps a fishmonger - to move in.

Feelings were running high during the conscription referendum campaign of 1917 and support for the "Yes/No" vote was often seen as divided along religious lines. Our Melbourne correspondent has endeavored to obtain verifying particulars of the incident but the Carlton police say that they know nothing of it, because it never took place.

According to some newspaper accounts, Carlton was under mob rule on the evening of Saturday 15 December 2017, when a disturbance at a meeting of the Victorian Protestant Federation at St Judes church hall in Lygon Street morphed into a "Yes/No" stoush a few blocks away in Faraday Street. The matter will, no doubt, be further investigated by the police authorities.

The Herald's report reads as follows: - That organised bands are taking advantage of the general unrest to set law and order at defiance, was indicated at St. He was howled down and cheers were again given for Dr. "Surely Protestants have some right to meet together," Mr Woodfull said, but only those close by could hear him.

Jude's Parish Hall, Lygon street, Carlton, on December 15, when a mob entered, interrupted the proceedings, and assaulted those who had attended. "We Protestants do not interrupt the meetings of those of other faiths. " As appeals for fair play were useless Mr Woodfull said the police would be asked to remove interrupters, and the police were called.

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Dracula's began in Drewery Lane, Melbourne, in 1980 and moved to larger premises at 96-100 Victoria Street, Carlton, ten years later in 1990. Dracula's final performance will be on Saturday 23 December 2017.

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