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Usan only adult sex chat

I was ready to try it because it was impossible to get a sample and the price is realy good.

So I thought it won´t be a big loss if I don´t like it at all.

Now that it's winter, I'm kinda obsessed with Tabu. Vintage Tabu EDC is very much like vintage Bal a Versailles EDC in my opinion. This is about the current formulation, which I understand captures the essence of the scent. FINDINGS: This is a very odd fragrance, but it is strangely modern by the late 80s standards. I am not saying it smells like them, but it has the musky nature of Kouros (NOT as animalic and pissy LOL) and the sweetness of Ted Lapidus Pour Homme.

This is a fragrance "TO TEST" for ALL fragrance collectors and people who like the way fragrances performed "back in the day".

This of a sweet ginger cookie with lots of cloves and amber, thats how its smells on me. I do not think it smells cheap at all but I would say this smells more like a cologne than a EDT. I’m not sure if it has changed a little since it has been opened and I’ve used some of it or if it’s just that my taste has moved on or my nose further developed.

I have a small vintage bottle that I got in one of those old drugstores. Whatever the case, this is very good on my skin now and I like it a lot. It reminds me slightly of Lagerfeld Classic but is more spicy and animalic and also pretty much lacks the tobacco aspect that Lagerfeld has. I went ahead and bought a bottle - on Amazon, why not? Honestly for what some may see as a "budget fragrance," this is quite nice, and imho does not smell "cheap"....

Found a gift set of Tabu with body wash and lotion for only .95!!! The next day she smelled outstanding, it wears sinfully on her and lasted the entire work day.

I blindbought a bottle after reading a lot of positive reviews.

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