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He served at the air intelligence school in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.While in London he spent time with his old friend Paul Nitze. According to his Silver Star citation: The liquidation of a detachment of several hundred of the enemy waslargely attributable to his courage and initiative, when, after unsuccessful attempts to effect a surrender, he and a French officer, armed with only with carbines, opened fire, constantly changing firing position to convey the impression of a large force." On 3rd December, 1944, Allen W.It was later discovered that one commander accepted ,000 to surrender his troops.Ernesto Guevara attempted to organize some civil militias but senior army officers blocked the distribution of weapons.The plot against Arbenz became part of Executive Action (a plan to remove unfriendly foreign leaders from power).Barnes was eventually placed in charge of what became known as Operation Success.A large number of these prisoners were tortured or killed.The removal of Jacobo Arbenz resulted in several decades of repression.

They also produced three films on Guatemala for showing free in cinemas. Howard Hunt, was responsible for running the CIA's Voice of Liberation radio station.

The CIA began providing financial and logistic support for Colonel Carlos Castillo.

With the help of President Anastasio Somoza, Castillo had formed a rebel army in Nicaragua.

David Atlee Phillips was appointed to run the propaganda campaign against Arbenz's government.

According to Phillips he initially questioned the right of the CIA to interfere in Guatemala: In his autobiography Phillips claims he said to Barnes: "But Arbenz became President in a free election.

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