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Closed dating

But the most compelling theory was that there were some disused British Military underground facilities, abandoned after World war 2. Alexandra Hospital Secret Tunnels It’s likely that the tunnels were used for getting from one end to the other, with vault-like spaces at regular intervals for storing medical supplies safe from bomb blasts. In 1992, old medicine jars and bottles dating back to the pre-war period were found in the tunnel, suggesting that the tunnels were built during the late 1930s and used during WWII. It was modernised a few times, the last being in the 1930s. Also at Labrador Nature Reserve you can see many other WWII Installations like guns and pillboxes. Jurong Abandoned Railway Tunnels We have seen bits and pieces of and along the old Jurong Railway Line over several visits, and were surprised to see that a good amount of tracks and tunnels remain intact.The location coincided with the location of the underground oil facility known as Woodlands North Depot, operated by a subsidiary of Shell, the Asiatic Petroleum Company or APC. Serapong is a huge network of batteries, tunnels, underground rooms, lookout posts, supporting buildings and even its own water collection system. Some of the areas are quite tough to navigate due to the overgrown and muddy terrain, but the walk was very enjoyable indeed. Cheltenham High School’s library was closed this week because of mold. Jones, III Likes: Burgers, fries, ham, chicken, pizza, sausage, noodles, eggs, cheese and everything else on your grocery list!The district received a report Wednesday about possible mold contamination at John B.

Considering how much trouble it gets Archie in, Jug is a little wary of dating!

Jug is also surprisingly sharp and witty compared to his casual demeanor.

He prefers to march to his own beat, and his genius usually goes unacknowledged.

The district said it would provide an update at noon Thursday for parents, staff, and the school community.

Schools in Monroe Township in Gloucester County were closed this week because of a mold problem.

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Archie’s best pal has a tendency to eat superhuman amounts of food in a single sitting, and never gains a pound!